About Dike

About Dike


Publications are distributed through Balmer Bücherdienst AG, Einsiedeln. English books are sold very successfully through its partner ISBS - International Specialized Book Service, Portland (USA) and Middlesex (GB).

Climate-neutral production - rebuilding our most important raw material.

Ecology and sustainability are important to us. DIKE has therefore set itself the goal of offsetting the CO2 emissions associated with the production of books and magazines. That is why we work together with the myclimate foundation, which has its headquarters in Zurich and is based on an initiative of the ETH Zurich. In this way, we are making our contribution on the path to a sustainable future. The offset contributions support a reforestation project in Nicaragua. In the Platanares watershed in the municipality of San Juan de Limay, small farming families are working together to reforest unused parts of their land. This improves the ecological and socio-economic conditions in the region and at the same time makes a sustainable contribution to climate protection.

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