• Mark Pieth
  • Harmonising Anti-Corruption Compliance

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  • 1. Auflage, Zürich/St. Gallen 2011
  • XXVI, 151 Seiten, eBook

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New anti-corruption laws and intensified law enforcement, in particular in OECD Member States, are motivating companies to implement sound anti-corruption compliance programmes. They will help reduce risk, but they may also serve as a business argument. Yet, companies are increasingly voicing the need for a harmonised approach to compliance. The OECD Guidance enacted in 2010 may well serve as a template for such a standard since it has been adopted by the Member States of the OECD by unanimity. This booklet gives an introduction to anti-corruption compliance and the OECD standards in particular. It should help managers and other corporate practitioners to identify the needs for their company and to know what to ask for.