• Anna Lotte Böttcher
  • Dekonstitutionalisierungstendenzen im internationalen Investitionsschutzrecht
  • Eine Untersuchung im Lichte von Verfassungsrechtsreformen, ICSID-Kündigungen und Integrationsprojekten in Südamerika unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der bolivianischen Verfassung (2009)

  • Studien zum Internationalen Investitionsrecht, Volume 16

  • Dike Verlag (in Kooperation mit Nomos Verlag, Baden-Baden und Facultas Verlag, Wien)
  • 1. Edition, Zurich/St. Gallen 2015
  • 269 Pages, Paperback

  • ISBN: 978-3-03751-716-1
  • Type of publication: Treatise
  • Language: German
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International investment law, more than ever, is facing severe critic from the public. Different deficits have been discussed, leading to different requested consequences. Some argue that there is a backlash against the investment law regime. Others accept the shortcomings to the benefit of the positive whole.

Leading critics came from South-America, where states always have been reluctant with regard to the international investment regime. Therefore, it did not came as a surpise when Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela were the first states to denounce the ICSID-Convention and to start over a variety of structural legal activities in order to free themselves from the existing system.

This book deals with the structural developments, its causes and its consequences for the international regime. It also classifies the national legal processes with regard to the international legal developments. Further it identifies concrete shortcomings of the regime as well as possible solutions.