• Mark Pieth (Publ.)
  • Collective Action: Innovative Strategies to Prevent Corruption

  • Dike Verlag
  • 1. Edition, Zurich/St. Gallen 2012
  • XXIII, 254 Pages, Paperback

  • ISBN: 978-3-03751-474-0
  • Type of publication: Manual
  • Language: English
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The Basel Institute on Governance is an influential not-for-profit organization with particular competencies in corruption prevention and public governance, corporate governance and compliance, anti-money laundering, and anti-corruption law enforcement and the recovery of stolen assets. Based in Basel, Switzerland, and associated with the University of Basel, the Institute’s multidisciplinary and international team works with governments, companies, other non-state actors, international organizations, and aid agencies towards its mission of tangibly improving the quality of governance globally.
Building on more than 20 years of experience in anti-corruption and anti-money laundering standard setting, and on more than a decade of practical work in compliance and Collective Action, the Institute is launching the International Center for Collective Action (ICCA). The overall purpose of the ICCA is to assist companies and other concerned stakeholders in enhancing their ability to prevent corruption, with a particular focus on bribe solicitation.
Building on its network of intellectual partners, which includes business organizations, international standard setters, and non-state actors as members, the ICCA will serve as a knowledge hub for information about worldwide Collective Action initiatives and research. Regular fora for policy dialogue as well as a web-based information platform will enable members and interested parties to exchange information. The ICCA will also act as a center of competence by conducting interdisciplinary and applied research on the functioning and impact of Collective Action. Finally, the ICCA’s representatives and partners will make their experience available for launching new and advancing existing Collective Action initiatives around the world.